Nursing Redesign

The focus of the Board of Nursing website is to protect the public from unsafe nursing practices, as well as approve nursing education programs and issue licenses. Public trust is the most important aspect of the Board’s work.

My Role

UX/UI Design
User Research
Web Design

Tools I Used

Screaming Frog


Card Sorting

The Problem

The Board of Nursing website was becoming difficult to navigate and maintain. Since the creation, which was over ten years ago, only content had changed. The homepage contained many links, and users were unclear of its purpose. Some pages had no branding, and the value proposition was located at the bottom of the site, so there was no sign of trust. Also, it didn’t adapt to smaller screens.

Old Website

My Process

Requirements Gathering

To get an edge on the Nursing Board and its goals, I held a Kickoff Meeting and met with stakeholders and the Project Manager to gather requirements. In the meeting, we learned more about their plans for the website and the users.


We interviewed individuals in different roles, such as nurses, students, employees, to gain insight into their frustrations and overall experience using the website.

I noted that some of the 300 registered members have never used the Online System out of the conversation. Also, staff received a lot of calls and had to direct individuals to the website.

I gathered the information from the initial kickoff meeting and interviews to create user personas that represented the primary audience.

Comparative Analysis
I explored the market segment to see what solutions other nursing sites provided their users. I viewed a few sites: Florida Nursing Board, Arizona Nursing Board, and NC Nursing Board.


Quantitative Analysis

Survey Results
The client provided survey results, which were submitted by more than 400 users. According to the results:

  • 56% of users had questions about license renewal.
  • 62% wanted to verify a license online.
  • 75% of the users visited the discipline section of the site.
  • 83% of users were looking to apply for a license.

Analytics revealed pages with the highest traffic: Licensing, Education, Legal, Forms, Newsletter, Board, and Nurse Practice Act.

Content Inventory
I analyzed the current data on the website by conducting a content audit using a tool called Screaming Frog, which organized all of the data into a spreadsheet. I found that there were duplicate pages, broken links, and outdated information.


Card Sorting Activity

I decided to conduct a card sorting activity with the client to help me define the architecture of the site.

I wrote down information/page titles from the content audit on labels, stuck them on individual cards, and numbered them to prepare for the session.

During the session, I provided instructions to guide the participants through the activity. They organized information into categories that made sense to them. I observed and noted down their frustrations and comments while they were working. At the end of the activity, I photographed the piles and used numbers on the cards to record what the participants did.

I analyzed the information by adding the relationship of cards in Optimal Sort and generated reports that displayed the results.



I established an organized hierarchy and simplified the navigation by making the 4 pages with the highest traffic the main links: License, Education, Legal, and Forms. I also added Resources and Board. I used the sitemap to define pages that were needed to complete the site.


  • Clear Call To Actions
  • Global sticky sidebar
  • Search Bar
  • Brand Identity
  • Clear Value Proposition
  • News section


After a few rounds of sketches, I used Axure to create the wireframes, generated shareable links, and presented them to stakeholders for their feedback. Then, after a few iterations and final approval, I moved on to high-fidelity design.


Style Guide
I created a style guide for consistency throughout the site and used it as a reference when I created the website.

For finer design, I used Sketch to create mockups.

Website Development

Once the concepts were approved, I translated the designs into a WordPress website. Finally, I worked with QA and used BrowserStack to view various devices for final testing before launch.


I recruited participants to test out the website in staging and asked each of them to complete a few tasks for validation before launch.


I took several measures to improve the Board of Nursing website:

  • Improved the overall look and feel to make the site more engaging.
  • Organized content in a way that encourages interaction and easy navigation.
  • Drove users to utilize the Online Services for nursing business.
  • Designed the site to be responsive and accessible to everyone.
  • Gained the trust of users.


The results of the redesign were immediate and productive.

  • 20% decrease in web-related phone calls, and a
  • 24% increase in visits to the site.
  • 50% Increase in page views on mobile devices.
  • 85% Increase in Conversion Rate